How to use Libre Office serial document (mail merge) functionality

Libre Officess mailmerge functionality is a nice feature that allows you to create any kind of serial document, while all documentation seems to indicate that it is only usable for creating e-mails.

I used this tutorial (it has nice screenshots and so on).

So anyways steps are as follows:

Create data source

Create a data source, this can be:

  1. A Libre Office Base database (or any database)
  2. A csv file (remember to have header row).
  3. An Libre Office Spreadsheet file (also add a header row)

Create a document template

Write the text

Attach database to the document

In writer Edit -> Exchange Database -> Browse -> Select your database file.

In writer View -> Datasources, then select your database file again.

You should see table contents.

Add fields to the document

Now you should be able to Drag and Drop fields (columns) from the table to the document.

Create serialized documents

Mail Merge Wizard or click the envelope icon in data sources. This stuff is mostly stupid and deals with preformatted address blocks, etc. I ve never used it.

  1. Select starting Document: Select current document.
  2. Select document type: Select letter
  3. Insert address block: Uncheck all checkboxes.
  4. Create salutation: Uncheck all checkboxes.