W530 battery life

After about a year of usage maximal charge of my battery dropped about 40%, which is way too much. On Windows there are some settings that “enhance battery lifespan”.


It seems that to enhance lifespan of your batteries you’ll need to:

  • Charge it for longer periods (ideally allways to full charge)
  • Don’t charge it to 100%, set full charge to 90-something%

There are no generic tools to configure such behaviour — as it all sits inside BIOS. This question on ubuntu SO helped me to find solution, but nevertheless it didnt work on my W530 laptop.

On newer thinkpats you’ll need to use: tcpapi-bat (you might install it from this PPA (it’s for ubuntu but also works on Debian.

After instal you’ll need to insert following into /etc/rclocal.d (it will be called after startup):

tpacpi-bat -s ST 0 80
tpacpi-bat -s SP 0 90

It will do the following: battery will stop chaging after charging to 90% ( of current maximal charge) and battery will start charging only after it is discharged to 80% (which will cause that you will charge it for 10% capacity or greater).

It would be great it I could (for example) inhibit charging for (let’s say) 15 minutes after connectiong to AC, as I often connect the computer and then decide I need to go somewhere else, which is not healthy for battery.